2 Basic Skateboard Tricks That You Can Learn To Do!

How To Do 360 Flip!

The 360 flip, tre flip, or 360 kickflip are all common names for one of the more advanced tricks in skateboarding. From here on out I’ll be referring to the trick as a 360 flip.

Like I said, this trick is a little more advanced but it has becoming more and more of a standard street trick, and is totally worth learning if not just for how cool it looks when done correctly.

Just try to follow these tips the best you can while incorporating your own skateboarding knowledge and you should be able to learn the trick with minimal problems and frustration.

Foot Positioning

The positioning of your feet is essential to be able to perform this trick correctly. Start by placing your front foot like you would if you were doing a kickflip, but angle it a little forward. Put your back foot over the tail of the board, but hang your toes off a little bit. The ball of your foot should be on the corner of your board.

You will be using the back foot to scoop and rotate the board, which I will explain in a bit.

Understanding and performing a 360 flip

To do this trick, you will need to understand how it works. A 360 flip is essentially a 360 shove it combined with a kickflip – this should be pretty easy to imagine. The pop and rotation is all in your back foot, and the flip is all in your front foot. You will be

When you ollie, kick your front foot forward to start the kickflip motion, and push your back foot out to start the spin. Keep your upper body postured up right, and always looks at the board so you can catch the grip tape at the right time.

The trick is mostly in the back foot – scoop the board enough so you can get a solid rotation going. The kickflip portion of this trick is not relied on so heavily, as you can do a light minimal kickflip and still be able to land smoothly.

An important factor involved with performing this trick, and most tricks, correctly is timing. With practice you will find this trick is not as hard as it looks.

Hopefully you will be adding this trick to your arsenal in a couple of days. Good luck, skate on.

Learning to do a Hardflip on a skateboard!

A hardflip is definitely a hard trick to learn, as the name implies, but learning the trick can only expand your arsenal of tricks and make you a better skateboarder overall.

A hardflip is basically a front side shove it combined with a flip, so you can think of it as kind of a front side varial kickflip.

Foot positioning

To be able to consistently land this trick, you need to make sure your feet are positioned correctly each time. You may, however, develop your own style and variation of this trick as time goes on.

Set up your front foot exactly how you would for a kickflip. You also want to set up your back foot sort of like a kickflip, but hang your heel a little more off the board.

Understanding the hardflip

Start to ollie and get the board rotating in a front side pop shove it motion with your back foot. At the same time you are putting spin on the board, start the kickflip with your front foot.

You want to then get your feet out of the way quickly so you can let the board carry out the trick.

For this trick, you really need to either jump really high, or keep your legs bent more than you normally would. I prefer the latter because I personally can’t jump very high.

Ideally, you want your legs to be higher in the air than your board standing up on its tail. When the board has finished its flip, you should be on your way down and able to catch the board, and ride away smoothly.

There are many common mistakes that people face when they first try to learn this trick.

First of all, make sure your bend your legs and jump high as I emphasized earlier – if you don’t balance out the spin and the flip in this trick, the nose of the board is going to end up in your crotch, which is not a good time.

Also, make sure you let the trick flow. Don’t perform each step like a robot and get frustrated because it’s not working out for you. If you study how people do this trick, you can understand what I mean.

Just look up a few videos of someone doing a hardflip and this guide will help you understand even more, giving you a good shot at mastering the hardflip.

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